Meridiem Psychological Services was established in 2011 by Rosemary L. Burns, a licensed psychological examiner-independent in the state of Arkansas. Rosemary received her Master of Arts Degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Hartford in 2002. She has been practicing clinical psychology in various settings such as community mental health, outpatient, day treatment, and private practice.

Meridiem is the Latin word for mid day- when the sun is highest in the sky and there is the most light. At Meridiem, it is our goal to help our clients find their light and achieve their highest potential for growth and change.

Why Choose Us?

At Meridiem, we are committed to providing the best services available to you, whether assessment or therapeutic.

Our professional staff is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. You will not be treated like just a number. We strive to provide care, consideration, and compassion for all of our clients. We will treat you with respect and in turn expect that you treat our professionals in the same manner.

We are certain that once you enter services with us, you will be satisfied with the services you receive, and if not, we will listen to your concerns, and do our best to work with you to try to resolve them.

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